3D printing is the best thing.

This is an Anomalocaris test print produced via the amazing Shapeways in their “White Strong & Flexible” nylon material. I forgot to include anything for scale, but it’s about 7.5cm (3”) in length. The tail fins came out paper-thin and very fragile; I think I juuust scraped in the minimum thickness for them at this size.

I also got one in the new “Elasto Plastic”, a slightly rubbery material which is currently only available to creators. It’s a lot smoother than I was expecting from the description, and the detail level is about the same as the WSF, but it’ll need some thorough cleaning since it’s still got a lot of support powder in all the creases.

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    Aaaahhh yesss dude I am the biggest advocate for 3D printing ever. Everybody should get to make the things. :D
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